Emily started her day getting ready at the historic Candler Hotel in Midtown Atlanta. The vintage architecture and decor made for some really great detail photos and bridal portraits before heading to the venue. Once arriving at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, I found a place in the gardens that would be perfect for their "first look." After their special moment of seeing each other, we began to explore the gardens. Emily has a passion for origami and the main reason for choosing to have their wedding at the gardens, was their current origami exhibit. The Atlanta Botanical Gardens is renowned for its lush landscapes and captivating displays, it was a dream destination for Emily and Ben that wanted a unique and picturesque wedding venue. Around every corner, down every path the gardens were adorned with meticulously crafted origami creations, each fold a testament to the delicate artistry that goes into both love and paper folding. Check out all the images from this amazing wedding!